You Said – We Did

YOU Said WE Did
“I can’t get through on the telephone at 8am” The new telephone system (June 24) will enable you to get a call back when you are first in the queue, so you do not need to sit on hold at busy times. You can also book appointments online up to 2 weeks in advance.
“I work and need to be seen out of hours” This is no problem. We have early appointments with the GP on Tuesday at 7am and on Saturday face to face here at Rivergreen. We also can book you in to see a GP on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday evening until 8pm or a Wednesday or Thursday morning from 7am locally.
“I can’t get in for my review” In April 2024 we started the birthday review system. This enables you to have all of you conditions reviewed annually in your birthday month. You will be invited when the time comes and will be able to book in with the appropriate clinician. This is freeing up appointments as we are doing everything that you need for the year at one time, avoiding multiple trips to the doctor’s surgery and multiple appointments. Of course, if you need seeing in the meantime you can come in.
“Why don’t you fix the potholes in the car park?” The potholes are now fixed, it is not our drive but we have worked with the church to get them fixed. We have also cut back the trees and the plants to ensure that the paths are clear and safe for you.
“I want to see my GP, no one else. Why can’t I?”




We have 7 GPs in the practice. Not all of them are full time. You can book to see a particular GP though this restricts your access to appointments. All of our GPs can see your records, as can the extended access GPs. We also have other clinicians who help to see patients and alleviate pressure of demand on GPs- eg First contact practitioners, clinical pharmacists, mental health practitioner, social prescriber and health and wellbeing coach. They also can access your records and care for you.